Penan leaders holding maps of their 'Peace Park'. (Photo: BMF)

Samling reported to have withdrawn its bulldozers from disputes areas in upper reaches of Akah river due to road blockades erected by Penan communities.

Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF) citing a Penan source said the blockades had been erected in March 2010 near the villages of Long Sabai and Ba Kerameu at two strategic locations.

The Penans said they were willing to fight for the conservation areas which they unilaterally announced on November 2009, as their Peace Park covering an area of 163,000 hectare nature reserve.

However, the Penans are reporting that Samling continues to trespass on their lands in other regions.

Two written warnings have been issued against Samling subsidiary Jerinai to stop logging in the Ba Jawi watershed, a high conservation value rainforest near the Indonesian border.

Samling also reported to have resumed helicopter logging within Penan communal boundaries of Long Ajeng in the Upper Baram region.