Dr John Anthony Brian center popularly known as blogger Dayak Baru proposing a seminar in Bintulu to discuss 'Konsep Baru Rumah Panjang'.

Dayak Baru is proposing that the Dayak NGO – SDNU, SADIA, DAM, OUNA should organize a seminar on the “Konsep Baru Rumah Panjang” as proposed by the Ministry of Housing.

This seminar is in addition to the one that is being organize by Government’s NGOs. The participants to the Government sponsored seminar were screened and limited to Tuai Rumah and Community Leaders only.

We can be sure that the Tuai Rumah and Community Leaders asked a lot of important questions and by most account the government has not given a comprehensive response to the questions raised.

Proposal seminar detail
Venue: A hotel in Bintulu
Date : 8th May 2010
Time : 9 am -12pm (Introduction of the Konsep + a planetary paper)
1.30pm – 4pm ( Question and Answers)
4.30pm ( Summary)
Participants: All public members limited to 200 persons ( first come first serve basis)
Fee: $30 per head ( to cover venue cost)

Invitation: representative of Ministry of Housing / Majlis Adat Istiadat / AZAM / YB DUNs and MPs

In the next few days, we will publish further detail of the seminar on where and how to register your participation.