The road works at Medan Jaya had been causing an unusual traffic congestion in Bintulu.

Several measures have been proposed to minimize inconveniences to road users caused by Medan Jaya road works.

In a Facebook posting today [ add us to your Like ] Henry Ling said BDA together with other government agencies held a dialogue earlier today to discuss and finding amicable solutions to the problem.

According Henry Ling who is also SUPP Bintulu branch chairman, the proposed measures and outcome reached at the dialogue were as follow:

1) Contractor to expediate the construction roads if necessary to work at night. Road construction works at the areas to be completed in two months’ time.

2) Street lighting along the street to be restored immediately at night.

3) Blinkering or rotating lights for traffic control to be placed at various locations to alert drivers at night.

4) Detours and signals etc to be considered to meet traffic control needs in diverting traffic flow while doing the remaining contruction works.

5) Previous delay of works up two months were caused by shifting of utility facilities including water supply and electricity cable etc, beyond the control of the contractor.

6) New coastal road along the coastal areas from Tg Batu to Tg Kidurong ABF to be opened to public next week to ease congestion and heavy traffic flow along Jalan Tg Kidurong.

Henry also said JKR will continue to monitor the progress of the road works and the contractor must expedite the works to meet the deadline.