Mukah-Selangau road upgrading construction schedule on July 22, 2010 not Dec 31, 2010 as reported by Borneo Post today.

Borneo Post – touted itself as the largest English daily in Borneo caught spinning incorrect, half truth information about Mukah-Selangau road by Facebook users today.

The daily said the road construction which started three years ago will be completed on schedule this Dec 31.

What? According to a signboard erected at the site – the completion date should be July 22, 2010 certainly not Dec 31 as Borneo Post trying to suggest. Now, was there an honest mistake on the part of Borneo Post?

Not sure about that. But according to Abd Rahman who posted the below screenshot of the said Borneo Post news – at time – they even said it was ahead of schedule!

Those who regularly plying the road – knows the project already behind schedule. Naim Cendera the main contractor has history of creating hell out of users – not only in Mukah-Selangau, but here in Bintulu and Kuching.

Is it a spin? Borneo Post got the completion date of Mukah-Selangau road upgrading wrong.

Many would still remember, the hell driving along Bintulu airport – up to the traffic light in front of JPJ office near RPR Sibiew. Serian road was equally worst. Given that fact, it’s no wonder many are skeptical they will even meet the extended Dec 31 deadline.

Borneo Post should stop publishing misleading information like this. By the way, big thank to Mohd Halim and Abd Rahman for helping to make the record straight.