A representative of Orang Ulu community hand over their 'resolution' to Kapit Superintendent of Land & Survey center and Abun Sui on the left.

Kapit Land and Survey Department ‘Open Day’ in Belaga on April 28, was described by many Orang Ulu community leaders attending the event as a real disappointment.

Alfian Bawi, Kapit Superintendent allegedly rush through his presentation and avoided question and answer (Q&A) at the end of the session.

One village head – Tuai Rumah (Tr) Nyalang Tahe of Sungai Koyan – Bakun Resettlement Scheme said they were instructed to ‘must attend’ the Open Day by Belaga District office.

Tuai Rumah Nyalang Tahe, Sg. Koyan - Bakun Resettlement scheme

“We were told it’s a very important meeting with Kapit Land Superintendent,” he said.

But according to him, once in the town hall they can only listen to the Superintendent explaining the new concept of longhouse development.

“Many of us eager to ask the Superintendent questions as we still couldn’t understand the concept but we were not allowed to do so.

Abun Sui Anyit – a lawyer who attended the meeting with his clients also concurred with Tr. Nyalang.

“Some of them came as far as Long Busang – a two day longboat journey,” he said.

“But the Superintendent instead of listening to the people – rush through his presentation and skip the Q&A session.

Abun said they have to stop the Superintendent to hand him their resolution – as he tried to quickly exit the town hall.

We have yet to be able to speak to Alfian Bawi for his comment.