The ‘New Concept of NCR Land Development’ right from the very beginning has little emphasis on safeguarding the interest of landowners in such venture.

This clearly spell out by Wilfred Jolly in unpublished paper ‘Overview of the New Concept of NCR Land Development’ presented at special briefing held in October 29, 1997. The paper outlined the basic assumptions behind the concept as follows:

1. NCR land can be turned into an economic asset through the creation of large land bank
2. Large scale plantation development is the most practical way to provide optimal returns on sustainable basis
3. NCR land bank of 5,000 ha and above are attractive and viable for investment by the private investors.

Taklimat Khas Konsep Baru Pembangunan Tanah NCR 1997.

The assumptions – as can be seen – talk little of safeguarding landowners interests.

Jolly said the state government policy was to raise the standard of living of the natives by placing their NCR land within a corporate structure that will facilitate land development in rural areas.

The interest of the NCR landowners is held by trustee or managing agent made up of government agencies, namely PELITA or SLDB. Thus leaving them at the mercy of those in power!

Please read the full paper ‘Overview of the New Concept of NCR Land Development by Wilfred Jolly – [ DOWNLOAD HERE (pdf) ]