We heard it again. Taib’s predecessor also his uncle Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub said to select the next Sarawak Chief Minister was a big ‘headache’ for leaders.

“It’s Taib’s and my big headache,” Rahman quoted by The Star as saying on Monday.

According to him the only person he can think of capable of replacing Taib is his current deputy CM 2 – Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang.

He also said Jabu is a representative of all native races in Sarawak.

There is a caveat to Rahman comment though. Noted he didn’t say representative of all Sarawak people – but only the natives.

As leader of all Sarawakians unlikely. As Rahman only said “Jabu is amiable to everybody, all races.”

The Star front page story of Sarawak selection for the next Sarawak Chief Minister.