The federal government has forfeited the right to serve out its term in office if it has surrendered Malaysian territory to a foreign nation, PKR leader Jeffrey Kitingan said today.

Dr Jeffry Kitingan

The Sabah leader said that if the Barisan National government was indeed guilty of surrendering three million acres of territory, it has then been misleading the people and has committed an offence under the constitution.

“It is bound by law and has a moral obligation to make honourable restitution by resigning to allow the people to secure a new mandate or allow a national referendum to be carried out in order for us to gauge the feelings of the people on the issue,” he said in a statement.

Kitingan said that from what he read about this “explosive issue”, it looked like the government did not comply with the provision of Article 2 of the Federal Constitution which says that any portion of the country can be ceded only with the approval of the relevant state legislative assemblies or parliament and the conference of rulers.

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