Graphic borrowed from Alex Allied - Miri blogger who nearly scammed by Advertlets

Damned it! We just been scammed by – Kuala Lumpur based online advertising network that also nearly conned another Sarawak blogger Alex Allied.

We have emailed, called and provide the necessary details to facilitate payment of the amount owed to us below to no avail. Yeah it was meager RM176.48 – but it’s our money and Advertlets owes us that money.

The amount that Advertlets owes us.

However – Bintulu.Org, Alex Allied are not the only victims of Advertlets scam. There are more see Google search result here.

If you’re not in the network yet – we advised you should avoid them. Not only they didn’t pay – they also didn’t reveal the impressions count generated as most ad networks do.

There are few genuine – non-scamming advertising network in Malaysia. Innity is one of the paying advertising network we know. We had our payments directly bank-in into our bank.

We urged everyone to help us – here is their Facebook page.