Ulu Sebauh road. (Photo: Bujang Kesindap)

The above badly damaged Ulu Sebauh road was said to be re-surfaced or tar less than a year ago. The sloppy road works road now causing inconveniences to many road users, particularly those regularly plying the route.

According to Bujang Kesindap who posted the above photo at our Facebook Page the construction was done just a day after PM’s visit to Bintulu.

“Maybe PM asked them to construct it since they passed the junction on the way back to airport. Unfortunately, ‘melepas batuk d tangga’ – only 1km constructed with a very very poor quality,” he said.

“And now the road is a disaster. Even worse then how it was before. I miss the old gravel road.

When we highlighted the road condition around Kidurong – we’re accused of being opposition supporters. Ulu Sebauh road is under BN constituency – dare not to accuse them of overseeing sloppy road works.

Another thousand taxpayer money wasted.