A Filipino couple holding LICK condom the newest product of DKT Philippines, makers of Trust, Frenzy and Premiere condoms.

Believe it or not in Philippines condom can be an election issue – at least to one of its senatorial candidates.

Attorney Jo Imbong, a senatorial candidate from Ang Kapatiran together with Attorney James Imbong on Friday filed as taxpayers a case at the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City – according to ABS-CBNNews.com.

They were asking the court to put a stop to the airing and posting of condom advertisements on television, radio, websites, magazines, and billboards around main thoroughfares in the metropolis, the report said.

Jo Imbong named DKT Philippines, Inc., the maker of Trust and Frenzy condom brand and actor Robin Padilla as defendants.

In the complaint, a copy of which was obtained by ABS-CBNNews.com the two lawyers alleged DKT’s advertisements for condoms and condom use convey explicit and subtle messages inappropriate languages, assault public decency, morality and scandalous.”

They also pointed out that the ads targeted young audiences with explicit and subliminal messages described that could harm morality and institution of marriage.

ABS-CBNNews.com said it couldn’t get DKT Philippines, Inc and actor Robin Padilla for comment.

Below is video of DKT Indonesia condom advertisement.