Thousand of voters across Britain were turned away over alleged too late to vote including in Sheffield in the above photo.

Tens of thousands of people turned away from polling stations could be in line for compensation after voting descended into chaos.

The Electoral Commission today launched an urgent inquiry into the fiasco, which some senior politicians compared to polling in a Third World Country. It is still unclear how many places were affected but there were reports of problems in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol.

Speaking today, leading human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC said that people denied the right to vote could take legal action.

‘These people have a right to sue,’ he said. ‘They will get at least £750 (RM3,606) in my view. Under the European Convention you have a right to vote.

‘They were terribly disappointed, they should all sue and get money from the election commission, which seems to have incompetently overseen it.’

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