Sibu parliamentary by-election candidates Robert Lau of SUPP left and DAP's Wong Ho Leng right shaking hands immediately after submitting their nomination May 8, 2010.

DAP today sought to bring the controversial “Allah” ruling into the Sibu campaign, telling Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Robert Lau Hui Yew that he has no legitimacy to represent the Christian-majority Sibu if he refuses speak up on the issue.

“If Robert Lau intends to be a Member of Parliament that speaks up for a Christian-majority constituency, Sibu, then he has the moral duty to declare his stand on this thorny issue, so that the voters in Sibu can decide whether they can count on him to speak up on this issue,” said DAP organising secretary, Teresa Kok, in a statement.

“Lau cannot continue to sidestep this issue by merely saying religion is a personal thing,” she added.

Yesterday, Lau said the “Allah” row should not be made into an election issue so as to avoid mixing religion with politics.

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