Narawi Bin Haron, 60 a retired soldier turned businessman third candidate in Sibu parliamentary by-election on May 16.

Narawi Haron who garnered only 975 votes and lost his deposit in 1995 general election is contesting again in the upcoming Sibu parliamentary by-election.

The 60-year old Independent candidate said if he won, he would stop the brain drain in Sibu and bring development back to the once timber rich town.

Despite being seen as votes spoiler – Narawi insisted he was serious about contesting the seat and claimed to 300 people ready to campaign for him.

“I am very surprised that there are several Chinese volunteers helping me this time,” he quoted as saying by The Star.

Asked by the national daily what he could do better than a Barisan Nasional-elected representative, he said: “Give me a chance to represent you for five years and then you can judge my performance.”

“Actually I am preparing for the state election but this by-election gives me an earlier chance to contest,”

Narawi said he would be using his savings of about RM70,000 to finance his campaign in the by-election.

He would not print any posters as he is confident that he is quite well known in the constituency and he would use the symbol of the “umbrella” because it “is a very meaningful and useful tool for the people.”