BN billboard associate voting for DAP means no Kampua mee - a popular Sarawak's noodle.

Sure, it wasn’t the most convincing and emphatic win for the DAP in Sibu.

But unlike the Hulu Selangor by-election where Pakatan actually came out not looking as badly bruised as most people initially assumed, the same cannot be said of UMNO/BN in Sibu.

Despite the razor thin margin of victory, the outcome in Sibu was a reminder to all that Pakatan is still very much a force to contend with.

Indeed, some might say that since UMNO (yes, not MIC) took Hulu Selangor and Pakatan/DAP carried Sibu, the two essentially swapped seats that the other camp previously held. This picture is obvious enough for anyone to see. But a close look at the bigger picture bodes well for Pakatan.

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