Admit it. Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) has been increasingly arrogant, ignorance and never really care to listen to peoples’ complaints and grievances as its boss in UMNO.

Take for example our suggestion that local authorities namely BDA, Resident Office and District Office should have more transparency in resolving peoples’ problems.

Instead of responded with proper explanation and reasoning Henry Ling, SUPP Bintulu branch chairman – said this and this on our Facebook pageadd us to your Like:

“Bintulu.Org better ask Selangor and Penang StateExecutive Council/Cabinet Meeting open to public including bloggers for otherwise people also end up don’t know what they’re doing and unresolved.”

Being an urban base party SUPP leaders should have known that issues such as transparency, good governance, openness and community participation matters in urban areas.

Being arrogant, rude, – well, only lead to their downfall as Sibu by-election result had shown! Throwing development grants to the tune of millions during elections – not only an insult to voters’ intelligent – but to show who are voters in BN and SUPP leaders eyes – “mere vote banks.”

Not in position to tell what they should do though – but state BN component parties, particularly SUPP Bintulu have few points to note from Sibu by election results.