We are constantly searching for knowledge. Looking for greater wisdom. Prestigious intellect that will grant us power to influence, decide and act accordingly without having second thoughts.

But how far can we gain knowledge? Isn’t there a certain limit to everything we do? How much can we input into ourselves before it starts to hurt?

Surely, everything we do if exceeding the limit of our capabilities, will start afflicting in one way or another.

We must always prepare ourselves to accept new knowledge, wisdom, understanding, opinions and ideas because they can come in any form and we are powerless to defend against it.

Sometimes, the new things we know can hurt us deeply.

Curiosity drives us wild. We desire to know everything we can grab hold on. At times, the more we know, the more it hurts. The more we know, the more burden we have to bear because people will look up to you and often expect something intellectual from you. And if you can’t deliver, it hurts both you and the other party.

Curiosity kills the cat and it can kill us too. Boy hangs self because he found out his girlfriend is having another affair, friendship is shaky because we found a dark secret about him or her, knowing what is unhealthy leaves us more conscious and less free to do things. Knowledge is power, but it impedes from us from doing so many things. At what cause?

Embrace and prepare ourselves everyday. We can’t predict what new things will we find out. At times, there are good news, and sometimes they are bad.

Nevertheless, know what is right and wrong for it will leave us to a better and more interesting life. Don’t let it afflict our mind, body and soul but turn the bad tide the other way round and let good ones drench you.