Several supermarket and mini market clearly display warning to customers that read 'Limited Gula (sugar) 2kg per family'. Photo of warning at Am Mini Market, Bintulu, Thursday May 27, 2010.

Despite Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism (MDTCC) Bintulu branch acting enforcement chief Muhammad Daud Ali assurance of no shortage of sugar supply most mini markets and supermarkets in town still limit purchase to only 2kg per customer.

“I hope they would increase the supply tomorrow, as what can you do with only 2kg of sugar during Gawai,” said a shopper who wants to be anonymous during our random check at various mini markets in town today.

On May 25, Daud said Bintulu still had about 217.742 metric tonnes of sugar available and supply expected to increase to some 323.28 metric tonnes once shipments arrived.

He said consumers should not be panic by purchasing sugar in large quantities because of the festive season.