Britain's youngest mom Tressa Middleton with her newly-born daughter.

Pregnant at 11 and a parent by the age of 12, this is Britain’s youngest mother holding her newborn baby.

Still a child herself, Tressa Middleton looks scared as she stares into the camera. Within days of this unsettling photograph being taken, both mother and child were put into foster care.

Now 16, Miss Middleton told yesterday how she is banned from seeing her daughter, who has been adopted by strangers. She said she spiralled into depression and turned to alcohol, drugs and self-harm after giving birth.

But she said: ‘I’m not a big drinker now and I don’t smoke hash any more. In the past I’ve cut myself, but I don’t any more. I’m going to give myself a couple of years to get my life sorted then fight for access to my little girl.’

Miss Middleton’s pregnancy shocked Britain when it emerged she had conceived after having sex with a teenage boy while drunk at a party.

She gave birth in June 2006 and had her identity protected until she turned 16. She was taken into care amid claims that she had been living with a heroin addict on a sink estate near Edinburgh.

Child psychologists ruled she could not keep her child and she reluctantly signed her over for adoption 18 months ago.

Contact was cut at Christmas when the girl was formally adopted. Miss Middleton said she had gone to court to ask for twice-yearly contact.

I don’t think I can give my daughter the life she needs just now,’ she told the Sun. ‘I have never had any regrets about having her, even though I had no idea it was going to be this difficult.

When I’m older I want to build a relationship with my daughter.’ — Daily Mail