Bintulu nearly completed (almost 90 percent completed) 2.2km landscaped promenade is the latest attraction in this oil town.

The waterfront is part of the development plan to turn Kemena river shoreline into premier business district in Bintulu with shops, offices, shopping and retail complex, a 3-star hotel, apartments, bungalows and semi-detached homes will be added soon.

However, some of us apparently don’t know how to appreciate the multi-million facilities. Instead of strolling along the beautiful promenade there are people who ride their motorcycle!

No doubt the promenade provide an ideal place for people to throw their fishing line and we don’t really mind them doing so. But please before leaving the spot make sure properly disposed your smelly baits.

Be considerate – to the hundred of jogger and others. Not many of us like the smell of rotten shrimps, fish thrown indiscriminately along the waterfront.