Mobile sex service on luxury Toyota Alphard leaflet is widely circulated in Miri city according to The Star news report.

The leaflets written in Chinese, believed to have been distributed over the last two days, have been found in office post boxes, residential estates and even on car windscreens in shopping areas.

They claim to offer sex with Chinese nationals in a Toyota Alphard at RM350 per hour. Three phone numbers are provided. This reporter used a public phone to call one number.

A man answered and wanted to know who was calling. When asked what sort of “service” was being provided, the man demanded a name, mobile phone number and location before talking further.

It is learnt that once a “deal” was made over the phone, the client would be informed of where to meet and pick the Chinese woman he preferred.

The woman would be “delivered” inside the vehicle at a location chosen by the client.