A Mansion at Holland Park, London rumor to be bought by a Malaysian minister.

The above plush mansion located at exclusive Holland Park, London is rumored to be owned by Malaysian Minister who bought the property at £8.5 million (RM40mil).

Blogger Brick In the Wall who broke the rumor said for that kind of money, no Malaysian Minister can afford such a home based on Minister’s salary and allowances.

“For that Minister to buy such a home, it has to come from sources other than his paycheck. One can only imagine his/her wealth.

He said he knew who owned the plush mansion but said it will be more fun to smoke this Minister out of his foxhole.

“This means ‘spreading this rumour’ and watching out for initial reactions.

“Let’s give our own local bred sleuth solver and mystery hound a crack at figuring out the Minister.

Well, It’s nothing new. Here in Sarawak even a CM daughter can afford to buy RM28 million in foreign land.