A rattled Sarawak Barisan Nasional government fearing the looming threat of an empowered opposition is tightening its grip over state-appointed community leaders.

Micheal Manyin

State government has been threatening to terminate services of defiant community leaders instantly including stripping perks afforded to them.

Infrastructure Development and Community Relations Minister Michael Manyin said as government agents, the chiefs must realise that supporting the opposition is wrong and a serious breach of their terms of appointment to the job.

“Race leaders (ketua kaum) are government agents who help in localised community development.

“We will terminate immediately the services of leaders who support the opposition in the coming state election because it is a serious breach of understanding and an act of defiance against the government,” Manyin said according to FMT.

He was speaking at a swearing-in ceremony of two Temengongs in Samarahan who represent the Bidayuh and Malay communities.