Paul Anyie Raja, PKR Bintulu branch chairman

Prime Minister’s Native Customary Rights (NCR) land latest initiatives were just another Barisan National promises and elections ploy to gain the support of disenchanting Dayaks said PKR Bintulu branch chairman Paul Raja.

“It was really a knee jerk reactions to what’s happening in Sarawak and also an admission that BN Have been neglecting the Dayaks’ land rights all along,” he said at an exclusive interview with Bintulu.Org in Bintulu, Saturday.

Instead of protecting Dayaks rights over their lands as during Rajah Brooke time, Paul said the present state government has been gradually eroding those rights by regularly amending the Land Code.

“Why now they want to talk about NCR land? All the while they were saying it was no longer an issue.

“It is BN state government that have eroded much of the Dayak rights on lands by issuing overlapping title to another parties particularly plantation companies.

“It was not a sincere efforts in resolving the long standing issues.

When suggested that the state government should instead drop all the pending court cases file by NCR landowners to show their sincerity.

The Bintulu PKR chairman and a practicing lawyer said “not to say dropping the pending court cases, but instead the state government should just admit to the claims.

It is also a practical solution as the lands that already been brought to court, have been properly surveyed, he said.

On the what would Najib’s announcement do, Paul said he probably want to pacify the Dayaks and hope to retain their supports in the next elections.

“However, I believe the Dayak nowadays are more educated and can understand the real intention behind the announcement.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on July 23, announced federal government funding of RM20 million to state government to kick-start the perimeter survey of NCR land in Sarawak.