CCTV for public parks in Bintulu

So BDA will have surveillance cameras at Bintulu Promenade (it was renamed Bintulu Promenade yesterday by BDA GM previously known as Bintulu Waterfront Promenade), Millennium Park, Kidurong and Bintulu Markets (ie., Tamu and Pasar Utama).

BDA should have installed the CCTV long time ago as it would help prevent people from slashing each others under a broad daylight!

Even though crime in Bintulu isn’t as bad as in other towns and cities in the country (as according to Bintulu police), petty crimes, snatching were still reported almost weekly.

Last month for example, a lady lost her jewelry to snatch thieves along the ABF beach and that’s not the first time snatching cases reported in the area.