Indonesian radical cleric Abu Bakar Baasyir

Radical cleric Abu Bakar Baasyir, was among several suspected terrorists detained by Indonesian special antiterror squad according to media reports.

Baasyir was taken into custody during a regular teaching session today 9 in Ciamis, West Java. He allegedly involved in the Aceh terrorist network.

His lawyer Ahmad Kholid said he was not yet informed of the arrest. Mirzen, another legal adviser of him, also claimed that he is still trying to acquire more information.

Earlier, Indonesian police raided a military camp in the westernmost province of Indonesia, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The police suspected that the camp was linked to terrorist network, The Jakarta Post reported.

Five terror suspects arrested in several locations in West Java on Saturday were planning to carry out car-bomb attacks, police said Sunday.

Among evidence seized by police during the raids was an old blue Mitsubishi Lancer parked near one of the suspect rented house in Cibiru, Bandung, West Java.

The police believed the car was to be used in carrying out an attack although their target was still unknown.

The police also found chemicals they believed were to be used to make explosives and an activated hand-made high-explosive bomb inside the house.

West Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Sutarman said the police detonated the high-explosive bomb on location after failing to defuse it.

Books and VCDs on jihad, as well as an air rifle were seized as evidence. One of the VCDs was titled Afghanistan jihad: The journey of the oppressed.

Sutarman said the suspects had been involved in acts of terrorism in the country over the last few years.

He said the arrests proved terror cells formed by Jamaah Islamiyah operators Noordin M. Top and Azahari bin Husin remained active.

Noor Huda Ismail, a terrorism commentator at the Institute for International Peace Building, said on Sunday the suspects arrested in the West Java raid belonged to the Sonata network.

“After his arrest, Sonata [told] the police about his network. Yesterday’s raid was based on Sonata’s information,” Noor Huda told The Jakarta Post.

Noor Huda said Sonata had leaked a lot of information to the police. “Another bigger crackdown may be looming,” he said.

Farihin, an ex-member of Jamaah Islamiyah, meanwhile, said the groups recently arrested in Bandung and Subang were accomplices of the late Enceng Kurnia, a terror suspect killed during a police raid in Aceh early this year.

“These people were in the middle of making explosives that they had intended to use in the immediate future,” he told the Post.

These groups reported to share a close affiliation with radical cleric Abu Bakar Ba’asyir’s newest group, the Jama’ah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT).

Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yu-dhoyono, was said among their target.

A field operative with Detachment 88 confirmed that all evidence gathered in the field indicated the involvement of JAT.

Ba’asyir has denied any involvement in terrorist activities, insisting that JAT had different concerns.