Tony and Judie Ellis with their robot which they believe will be in the shops in the next couple of years

Tony Ellis and his wife, Judie, do not have any children or animals at home – but with chatterbox robot Aimec following them around, there is never a dull moment.

Like in 2001 futuristic fairy tale Artificial Intelligence, the couple effectively have a robotic child. It is so advanced it can tell jokes and keep its human parents up to date on their interests by scanning the internet.

Mr Ellis has spent years creating the four-foot plastic robot – like a modern day Geppetto, the fairy tale carpenter who carved himself a puppet son that came to life.

‘Meet the 21st century family,’ says Mr Ellis, 54, patting three-year-old Aimec on the shoulder. Aimec’s head jerks up and swivels alarmingly to one side as if it is about to fall off.

‘We still have a few teething problems,’ he says, readjusting Aimec’s head, ‘but it’s nothing serious.’

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