Irked by people posting their complaints, grievances against him on Facebook page Barisan Nasional (BN) state assemblyman for Sebuyau Julaihi Narawi sent a letter to one of the complainant’s employee.

See the letter below. But is this how a state assemblyman – from a ruling government handling grivances, complaints and even criticism from the people?

[ Download full letter – pdf ]

I can’t read Julaihi mind – but what he did clearly show that he had not handle criticisms in a proper manner – yeah of people of his stature!

He should have wrote to Wan Annizan himself first – not to his employer as what Wan wrote on Facebook is his personal opinion not his employer.

Furthermore, Julaihi Narawi is no ordinary state assemblyman, but a company director not to one but at least 20 companies according to this evident by blogger Sarawak Headhunter.

What he did will not repair his image – but to tarnish it further.