Malaysia has sent a protest note to the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia and the Indonesian Police pertaining to the damage caused by demonstrators on the Malaysian Embassy in Kuningan, West Jakarta Monday.

Demonstration in front of Malaysia Embassy, Jakarta on Monday. (Photo: Detik)

Speaking to Bernama here Malaysia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Syed Munshe Afzaruddin Syed Hassan said: “If they want to stage a demonstration outside the embassy, by all means, go ahead, because they have every right to do so, but they must not destroy the embassy’s property.”

During the one-hour demonstration, a group of 80 demonstrators from Laskar Merah Mutih (Red and White Warriors) group gouged out several alphabets from the marble plaque in front of the embassy which spelled the “Malaysian Embassy” and “Malaysian Permanent Representative to Asean Jakarta”.

The demonstrators also splashed mud on the plaque and climbed up the security booth and the main gate to the embassy.

The demonstration was held in protest of the action taken by the Malaysian Marine Operations Force in detaining three Indonesian Marine and Fisheries Ministry enforcement officers at the maritime border near Riau on Friday.

The officers were detained while they were arresting seven Malaysian fishermen alleged to have poached into Indonesian waters.