Henry weeding the tall grass near the entrance of a clinic in Suai during his recent visit to the Iban longhouses in the area.

Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) grassroot leaders had intensified their efforts in courting voters particularly the Dayak Ibans which could provide crucial support for the party in the next state polls.

SUPP Bintulu, led by its chairman Henry Ling, have been moving around the Division to register voters, attending social functions, and even to clear bushes near their longhouses!

Being a slightly tech savvy than many BN leaders including the Information Minister, Henry uses his Facebook page a lot to communicate with the people especially the younger Internet savvy generations.

“Dear friends, give me an opportunity to serve the people,” he said in his latest notes posting.

“Please support SUPP and the BN, all all work with one heart for the people.Together we can bring change for the people.”

He also took a swipe at Pakatan Rakyat by saying “PR is nothing but good in nonsense.

Despite being mercilessly heckled online by detractors, BN skeptics, Henry who is also a lawyer said he prepared to listen to all of parties including those from PR/DAP/PKR if they are honest and give constructive views.

“I disrespect and disregard and never surrender to all those destructive views as they are those who do no good for the people.

“Join me in SUPP. Together, we move forward. Sa’ati.

Photos credit: Henry Ling