He was about learning to walk when an unknown stranger believed to be his father left him to be cared by a Chinese family at a shipyard in Sibu 10-years ago.

Wei Siang and his foster mother. (Photo: BP)

Wei Siang and his foster mother

The boy, who has since been named Wei Siang by his foster parents was told the truth behind his existence recently – they are not his ‘real parents’ sombody else were.

They now want to help him know his ‘real parents’ or at least the man who left him to be cared by them years ago to come forward.

“I was in charge of some workers at that time when the man approached me.” Tan Hui Mang, 60, a retiree told local media in Sibu yesterday.

“The next day when he came to work, he carried a toddler and handed him to me, asking me to look after him for a day as he had to go back to his village to do something and the toddler would slow him down.

“So I took care of the boy for a day, and then I waited and waited and now it has been 10 years,”

Tan said the boy was left with no documents of identification – no document, nothing, not even a name.

“We love this boy and we want him to have a good life but without documents, he cannot go to school, let alone find a job and we are scared something not good might happen to him,” he stressed.

Tan gave him the name ‘Wei Siang’ because he wanted to send him to kindergarten.But without a birth certificate, Wei Siang could not go to school.

“He could not enter primary school because he has no birth certificate to prove his identity. So we sent him to kindergarten and when he is old enough, we’ll send him to tuition school,” he said.

Wei Siang can now write simple Chinese and alphabets; and wrote his name in Chinese and English for the reporters yesterday.

Tan said he had tried sending Wei Siang to a children’s home, but he was not accepted as he had no documents.

“Many times we wanted to bring him on vacation with us but we could not prove his citizenship,” he lamented.

Asked why he did not ask for help earlier, he said he was waiting for Wei Siang’s father to pick him up.

“We’re still staying at the same place in Berlian Road. We’ve never moved as we still harbour a faint hope that his father would one day come and claim him. As days gone by, that hope seems to fizzle out though.