School children have to be transported by a lorry or four wheel driver vehicle to their school via this Lapok road.

Sarawak road networks are the worst in the country – worst than even its neigboring state – Sabah and a far cry from the highway only states in peninsular.

Take for example the road from Long Luping and Ba’ Kelalan in Lawas is only 75km long, but the journey takes 4-6 hours and could be longer when there is a downpour.

The folks in the area said it has been 6 years government repeatedly promises, and pledges to upgrade this basic infrastructure for their benefits and also the thousands of Sarawakians.

But fact remains, the people are still left to suffer from the tremendous difficulty to travel.

They suggested that perhaps PM Datuk Seri Najib together with his cabinet and other state BN leaders particularly the ‘helicopter only travel’ Taib should really lead by example driving along Ba Kelalan or other remote areas of Sarawak.

The mainstream media’s also show lack of interests in highlighting the issues, which is of vital importance to tens of thousands of Sarawakians.

Well, may be the amateur video above and the slideshow below will help. Do Sarawakians a favor, please share the post with your friends and families – better still to those whom you personally know in the 1Malaysia government.

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