Since given the autonomy – including autonomy to impose its own version of Islamic laws, Acheh provincial government had paraded the law offenders naked, publicly whip and mercilessly tied them to pole, almost dead.

It could have been a scene somewhere in Afghanistan during Taliban rules – except it was just across Melaka strait. A leak video – posted on popular social networking site Facebook – made available at Youtube (watch below) show another offender of Acheh Islamic law received their punishment.

According to Acheh Shariah regulation, adulterers face a maximum punishment of being publicly caned nine times.

“If the Qanun Jinayat had been signed by Aceh’s governor, the couple could have faced stoning to death,” according to Jakarta Globe quoting social activitist Abdurrazak as saying.

A set of local bylaws was passed last September by the province’s legislative council to replace parts of the Criminal Code.

Acheh Governor Irwandi Yusuf, however refused to sign off on the new code citing humanitarian grounds.