Letter allegedly written by State Assemblyman Mong Dagang to a company proposing to develop oil palm plantation on other people's land.

In Selangor, the opposition BN try to blow out of proposition ‘letter of support’ allegedly written by Ronnie Liu into national scandal when it is a common practiced within their own ranks including higher up to PM – see this scomi letter scandal.

Mong Anak Dagang

But look no further, we’ve got example of our own. Here was a letter allegedly written by BN Sarawak state assemblyman (currently Sarawak Deputy Minister of Tourism) to a company proposing to develop huge area of NCR lands belonging to the people dated June 18, 1997.

See, they have been abusing the official letterhead for personal gain decades long! Mong was requesting to be given massive 50 percent of any profit derived from the proposed oil palm plantation – doing nothing but sitting on his chair and cheating his own communities – Dayak Iban! Isn’t much more glaring.

These days, the Rakyat no longer rely solely on BN propaganda machine for information and trusted government sources. In fact, according to recent national poll 6 out of 10 Malaysians didn’t trust news as reported by BN’s controlled media particularly Utusan, Berita Harian, The Star, NST and others.

By making Ronnie Liu look bad, blowing ‘support letter’ into a scandal – they’re only exposing themselves – as it is an open secret that ‘support letter’ (particularly one for getting contracts) frequently issued by BN lawmakers too. So, please stop the crab BN, you guys are just too tainted to splash red paint on somebody’s else face.

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