A car got stalled after the driver brave a nearly knee deep water in this photo taken by CF Chin few days ago. According to him Henry Ling of SUPP had informed BDA of the flash flood via SMS.

The frequent flooding that hit coastal road along ABF beach has become a yearly nuisance especially to those living in the MLNG housing, and nearby areas.

Even slight drizzle of less than an hour would cause flash flood, what more hours long downpour. Surely there will be havoc as this road is one of the main road out of Kidurong and it would be almost impassable by cars after heavy rain.

Despite numerous complaints (watch our video – of similar incident earlier this year) particularly from residents living in nearby areas, motorists who regularly use the road – local authorities seem to have done little to solve the problem.

The above video was taken this morning around 8.30am in the mid of a drizzle, at the same spot where the above car was stalled few days ago.

We saw simililar incident happened, but involving a van. We’re informed by street hawkers in the area, the van was stalled after being driven through the flood. The owner had gone to get help.

It also a reminder that the most dreaded monsoon season is fast approaching. Perhaps the authorities particularly BDA should do something. Don’t wait until next state, or general elections to act on rakyat and taxpayers’ complaints?