People patronizing Ramadhan Bazaar at Bintulu Esplanade Saturday, August 21, 2010.

Our Muslim brothers have been observing the month of Ramadhan by fasting for nearly two weeks now.

As in many town and cities around the country at this time of the year, ‘Ramadhan Bazaar’ would be the center of the attraction.

In Bintulu, these bazaars can be found at Kidurong, Medan Assyarikirin and Bintulu Esplanade.

On Saturday, we took couple of hours touring the Ramadhan Bazaar at Bintulu Esplanade – which seems to be more livelier than the one in Kidurong.

Video of Bintulu Esplanade Ramadhan Bazaar

Basically ones can get all the delicacies needed to quest the hunger after fasting the whole day at these bazaar.

However, foods sold seem to be slightly pricier this year for example ‘Roti John’ for example used to cost only RM2.50 – now sold at RM3, and so are most of the seafoods particularly grilled clam.