Google algorithm is the most advanced search algorithm in the world and thousand of engineers working on improving it daily.

But it still far from being perfect – particularly if the keywords you wanna search is in language other than English. Take for example for the keyword ‘Najib’ – Google search result as expected will list relevant entries on Najib, – ie., first the Wikipedia entry, ranked second was his Facebook page.

Google search result for keyword 'Najib'

However a search for the keywords ‘Najib+other keywords’ – say “Najib Buka Puasa” you’ll be shown a suggestion by Google before the search result that read “Did you mean: anjing buka puasa” with the word ‘anjing‘ bold and italicize.

Google algorithm, despite being edited by human seems to equate keyword ‘Najib’ with ‘Anjing’. Anjing in Malay means dog. Never knew that a dog ‘anjing‘ also fasting – till it need to ‘break fast’ or ‘buka puasa’.

Keyword 'Najib Buka Puasa'

However that’s not all. The search for keyword ‘Taib Buka Puasa’ will suggest ‘Did you mean: Tai Buka Puasa’. Hahahaa

For the keyword 'Taib Buka Puasa' trigger even funnier result 'Tai Buaka Puasa' - tai or tahi is Malay word for faeces.

Google advanced algorithm seems to equate the keyword ‘Najib’ to ‘Anjing’! However a search using the same keyword on Yahoo and Bing list search result as usual.