PATHMANABHAN A/L NALLIANNEN (NRIC: 690211-10-5525) - believed to be the key figure behind Sosilawati disappearance.

The remains of Malaysian millionaire businesswoman Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya, if found, will be buried at her place of birth in Kampung Seri Menanti, Batu Pahat Johor.

SURENDREN A/L NALLIANNEN (NRIC:720801-10-5773) - admitted to have burn the remain of Sosilawati to ashes.

Sosilawati’s brother-in-law Misjan Jamikun, 48, said the decision was taken after discussions with her family members, reported the New Straits Times on Tuesday.

“If the authorities find Sosilawati’s remains, even if it is just a bone fragment, the children have asked me to bury her here.

We want to give her a proper burial so that the family can visit her grave,” said Misjan at his house in Kampung Seri Menanti on Monday.

Misjan and his wife Rosnani Lawiya, 45, arrived at their home early Monday morning from Gombak with Sosilawati’s mother, Yatmah Abdul Rahman.

Meanwhile, at Taman Harmonis in Gombak on Monday, a steady stream of friends and relatives turned up to pay their condolences to Sosilawati’s family.