Don't swim here - sea condition near Tanjung Batu beach. Meteorological Department forecaster said the rough sea condition predicted last till February next year.

Bintulu Marine Office warned member of the public against swimming or bathing at Tanjung Batu (Pantai Temasya) beach due to the rough sea condition the last few days.

“Although the wave is under a meter high,” said Desmond Joseph Sandai of Bintulu Marine Office on Friday.

“It is still dangerous to swim or bathing in the area,” he said, adding that this was due to rough sea condition and the strong undercurrent that could swept away even the capable swimmer.

Kuching Meteorological Department forecaster predicted the rough sea condition will continue during the entire Northeast Monsoon season which starts from December till early Feb, 2011.

Not safe for kids to swim. The rough sea condition near Tanjung Batu on Nov 3, 2010.

Even a seemingly calm Tanjung Batu sea can be unpredictable as evidence from the several cases of drowning reported in the area. The most recent case was on Nov 6, 2010 of a 15-year school boy was drowned while trying to save a friend who was drifting away into open sea while swimming at the beach.

The Marine Office and related government agencies, according to Desmond will continue to monitor the sea condition.

However, he said it was still safe for small boats and vessels to go out into the sea.

He also told fishermen and vessels to be careful when navigating in and out of the Kemena river.

“That area is shallow and the wave is higher at the river mouth,” he said.