Steven Cloak, lost half of his forehead after being mobbed by drunken attacker.

Steven Cloak a healthy young man Briton ended up with half of his forehead missing just because of a ‘look’ at a drunk thug.

Cloak attacker, 16-year old Jack Hobbs was said to be drunk on sambuca (an Italian anise-flavoured, usually colorless, liqueur) and beer, claimed his victim bumped into him outside a takeaway then “looked at him”.

The Sun reported, Steven, 26, was left with massive head and brain injuries. Surgeons were forced to remove a huge piece of forehead to treat the damage.

Jack Hobbs the attacker was said to be high on Sambuca an Italian liqueur and beer..

“Pictures taken after the op were so shocking a judge ruled they would prejudice Hobbs’ trial,” The Sun says.

But Steven’s family took their own and have now released them to show how drunken violence ruins lives. Steven, who had a titanium plate fitted to rebuild his head, was recovering after the attack in Bideford, North Devon.

Hobbs, now 17, faces up to ten years’ detention after being convicted of grievous bodily harm. An Exeter Crown Court judge lifted a ban on identifying the yob because of his age as he remanded him in custody for pre-sentence reports.

Hobbs told the jury: “I noticed him looking at me. I thought he was going to hit me.”

But prosecutor David Evans said: “The truth is he was fired up on drink and playing the hardman.”