Bakun folks resorted to blocking logging trucks to get the government attention of their plight.

Bakun Community Safety Committee (BCSC) on Tuesday forced to do road blocking after tired of complaining to the authorities and logging companies.

BCSC chairman, Dr Eli Luhat said what they were doing was to help government to stop vandalism of Bakun road by illegal logging-trucks using the road.

“We are frustrated because the road had been badly damaged, yet the authorities had done nothing,” a frustrated Eli said – adding they will continue blocking the road to logging trucks if logging company didn’t heed their call for them to repair road.

What these logging companies been doing, said Dr Eli, was an embarrassment to the Barisan Nasional government as the people had been blaming the government, instead of the companies.

Dr Eli urged the authorities to repair the road soonest possible.

“Christmas is approaching and soon there will hundred of Sg.Asap-Koyan residents driving on this dangerous road home,” he said.