Datuk Mohidin Ishak, right handing DSP Poniman document at the handing over ceremony of Bintulu CCTVs project to the police.

Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) has installed a total of 11 units of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) in several hotspots around the town center and Kidurong – a project that would make Bintulu safer and secure.

The first phase of the project involving installation of 11 CCTVs unit costing some RM390,481 to build and another RM44,497 for setting up the surveillance Command Centre at Bintulu District Police Headquarters was started middle of 2010 and completed earlier this year.

BDA General Manager Datuk Mohidin Ishak said the surveillance cameras were installed at several strategic locations in the town center and Kidurong. Both Pasar Utama Bintulu/Tamu Bintulu and Bintulu Promenade areas will each have four unit of CCTVs installed, while Millennium Park in Tanjung Kidurong has three CCTVs.

Mohidin said he was happy that the system was finally up and running after months of installation.

The CCTVs will further enhance police ability to monitor what went on in Bintulu more closely, particularly hotspots at the town center, he said at a press conference before handing over Bintulu Urban Surveillance System to Bintulu acting district police chief DSP Poniman Magniman.

The 24-hours surveillance system is using high definition CCTVs that capable of recording motion, capturing still images and zooming to target for identification purposes even at night.

Recorded videos and captured still-images will have time and date stamp on them which later can be used as evidences by the police to charge the offender in court, according Mohidin.

BDA which suffered thousand of ringgit losses annually due to vandalism, theft hope the system would deter the public from committing crime or vandalising public properties – for fear they are constantly being watched.

The second phase of the project to start soon, will need an additional RM98,925 budget for installing four more CCTVs – with one each at: HSBC/ Standard Chartered Bank, City Point, night markets, and BDA building/ Hoover Hotel in Keppel Road.