An oil palm company do not have exclusive rights to a land despite having a provisional lease (PL) issued by State government ruled Miri High Court recently.

Tuai Rumah Pee Millo

Although the ruling made on Jan 28, was a welcome relief to the natives of Rumah Pee Millo, it was short-live as the Court also said they cannot claim all the land within the disputed areas as their NCR land, according to a statement from Brimas (Borneo Resources Institute Malaysia).

An oil palm developer Butrasemari Sdn. Bhd had been trying to evict the natives occupying Lot 97 Sawai Land District, located at Suai, Miri Division since 2005, claiming they have exclusive rights to the land through their PL.

In 2008, Butrasemari obtained an interlocutory injunction against Rumah Pee Millo from the court. They were required to vacate and prohibited from entering the land.

The natives headman Pee Millo said they resettled at at Sungai Sebalayau, Suai from Sarikei, fleeing from communist insurgency.

According to Pee Millo claimed his Datu Anak Andok had made a formal request to the State Government before moving to Suai.