More than 3,000 families living at Sungai Plan in Kidurong here deserve a better road and not one full of potholes, says Kidurong incumbent Chiew Chiu Sing.

“I have received a lot of complaints from the residents and repeatedly taken up the matter with the authorities concerned, including during the State Legislative Assembly sittings.

“But each time we complain, they send contractors to patch the potholes. Weeks later, the potholes resurface,” he said.

Chiew said the authorities concerned, particularly the Bintulu Development Authority, should be stricter in monitoring works carried out by its contractors to ensure they were done according to specifications.

“The road surface around Sungai Plan and Kidurong is one like ‘koyok’ (with patches all over the road), uneven and dangerous to road users,” he said.

According to Chiew, Kidurong over the past few years had seen a big increase in traffic volume while construction works were everywhere.

“But don’t make that an excuse not to maintain the road properly,” he said.

Chiew proposed that the state government turn the road leading to the Sungai Plan housing areas into a dual-carriageway to cater to the increase in traffic volume.

“The safety of road users, especially motorcyclists, should be our ultimate concern,” Chiew said.

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