Ali Basah, PKR's likely candidate for Belaga.

Ali Basah, PKR’s likely candidate for Belaga, foresees a tough fight ahead of him.

Ali, 59, a lawyer, had been courted by PKR over several years before he eventually accepted the party’s offer to be the candidate for Belaga last month.

It was an uphill battle right from the beginning, he said.

“Barisan Nasional has all the advantages the best election machinery, money and a well-liked incumbent,” Ali said.

Compounding the odds was SNAP’s insistence in putting up its candidate there, he said, adding that: “Several individuals have also openly made known their intentions to stand as independents.”

According to Ali, should negotiations with SNAP fall through, the fight would be tough and definitely play into the hands of the Barisan.

“We prefer a straight fight with the Barisan as this will increase our chances of winning,” he said.

Meanwhile, John Bampa said he would contest the seat on a SNAP ticket.

“However, negotiations between SNAP and PKR are still underway and I’ll abide by the outcome,” he said.

Apart from John Bampa, the yet to be registered Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Sarawak Bersatu (PERSB) has announced its intension to put up a candidate.

The PERSB candidate is likely to be former priest Micheal Mering Jok.

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