Crossing a highway buzzing vehicle is certainly a no no. But in Bintulu, daily, hundred of people take that risk when crossing a six-lane highway dividing Medan Jaya and Assyakirin Commercial, two important new commercial centers in town.

On Medan Jaya side – is the inter-city bus terminal, shell petrol station, bank and a supermarket. While across the highway from Medan Jaya is booming new township – Assyakirin commercial center where a medical center, more banks, fast food restaurants, hotel and an equally well-patronised supermarket are located.

The road which then a dual-carriageway, upgraded to six-lane highway in 2009.

While the upgraded road had eased the traffic congestion problem – it inevitably causes great inconveniences to pedestrians accessing either side of the commercial centers.

Sepok hails from Selangau but working and staying near Kidurong said, he had to cross the highway everytime he comes to town.

“I need to go to Farley supermarket located at Medan Jaya to buy some groceries. On my way back I had to cross the highway to Assyakirin to catch a bus or van to get home,” he said.

Sepok admitted it causing a lot inconveniences and dangerous especially when sometimes he had to carry lots of shopping bags.

Another pedestrian, a mother who want to be anonymous said she had to cross the busy highway on daily basis as she had to walk her son to a school near Assyakirin commercial center.

“It scares me crossing the highway, but I had no choice,” she said.

Kidurong State Assemblyman Chiew Ching Sing said it was time for government build a pedestrian bridge for the safety of pedestrian and also motorists using the highway.

“I was told in a DUN sitting last year that Bintulu Development Authority has proposed a budget of RM2 million this year for the construction of the overhead bridge linking Medan and Assyakirin,” he said.

“The proposed project would also include pedestrian walkways as well as bus picking and dropping bays,” he added.

Chiew promised to make a follow up on the problem.