Police received new details on alleged ‘Christian conspiracy’ as reported by Utusan Malaysia according to Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar on Friday.

“I can confirm that a report was lodged in Penang this morning at 8.50am regarding the Christianity issue,” he said.

The Deputy IGP told media the report containing a new ‘variation’ which they had not seen in previous police reports.

When pressed for the ‘new details’ that the police had received Datuk Khalid said he didn’t want to make further comment on it fearing it certain quarters would manipulated the issue and further worsening the already fragile situation.

He said the police would thoroughly investigate the matter and hinted more people would be investigated following the new police report.

“This is a dangerous, very sensitive issue and therefore we would not allow any parties further worsening the situation,” he cautioned.