Ulu Sebauh lass Velentine Hellyiza Stephen center crowned Kumang Gawai - Miri Divisional level Gawai festival celebration. (Photo/BP)

Ulu Sebauh born Velentine Hellyiza Stephen, 21-year old was crowned “Kumang Gawai 2011” Iban category contest held in Miri City on Tuesday.

The first runner-up was 22-year-old Elizabeth Gia Amui of Kanowit, while Shandra Petrus Juline, 25, from Nanga Geremai, Kanowit was the second runner-up.

In the Bidayuh category, the Gawai Kumang title went to 23-year-old Jennifer Ubung Nawan of Kampung Skiat, Bau.

She beat five others, including 20-year-old Venezia of Kampung Benuk, Padawan and 18-year-old Marie Paye Steve of Kampung Tanjong Poting, Singai who were second and third place winners respectively.

18-year-old Stephanie Singa from Trusan, Lawas was adjudged ‘Gawai Keligit’ in the Orang Ulu category, defeating five others.

Jessica Bulan Stephen, 20, of Long San, Baram took the second place and 19-year-old Karen Disa from Long Selawan, Ulu Baram came up third.

The three ‘Kumangs’ each brought home RM1,000 in cash plus a sash, a trophy, a certificate of participation, a hamper by Maggi and bouquet.

As for the first runners-up in each category, everyone received RM800 and the second runners-up RM600 each, plus a trophy, sash, hamper and bouquet.

All consolation winners of the three categories walked away with RM300, a hamper and certificate of participation each.