If facebook is a nation it would be the world third largest country.

The social networking phenomenon is on track of making another milestones (if not already is) reaching 700 million users worldwide this year, according to socialbakers – which tracking Facebook stats [scroll down for statistic].

The California based company already has half of American onboard at 149 million users.

Indonesia is Facebook second biggest users at 37 millions and the largest in Asia.

Prime Minister an avid user of social network is the most popular Malaysian politicians at Facebook with 720,053 likes and nearly half the country population has a Facebook account.

‘Billion photos uploaded monthly’

Along with the 700 million worldwide users, the Washington Post reports that the site is expected to host 100 billion photos once summer rolls around.

According to their statistics, close to 6 billion photos are uploaded monthly with female users taking part in the majority of the picture uploading.

The Post says “the number of profile photos posted on Facebook has tripled since 2006”.