Deck of Larry Ellison's renovated Wurster house at 2850 Broadway, showing previously-topped redwoods keep growing. (Photo/SFCurbed)

What a view – to be exact – view of the San Francisco Bay would cost?

Apparently it’s a lot of money, RM120 million (or US$40mil)- enough to upgrade existing Bintulu-Sibu road into a four-lane highway!

But to the fifth richest man in the world, billionaire Larry Ellison it just a pittance and a cost he willing to pay for an unobstructed view of San Francisco Bay.

The Oracle CEO’s unhappiness led to a lawsuit, which was set to go to trial on Monday according to San Francisco Chronicle.

Ellison (estimated worth $39.5 billion) claimed “irreparable injury” would be wrought on the value of his property should the neighbors not “restore Plaintiff’s views and sunlight.”

He bought the home at 2850 Broadway in 1998 for $3.9 million; his main residence is in Woodside.

The neighbors, Bernard and Jane von Bothmer, purchased their home on Vallejo Street for $6.9 million in 2004.

They charged that Ellison had hired workers to cut their trees without permission, after they found the trees “topped” and three workers strapped to the redwoods.

Ellison disputed the allegation.

The couple said they had offered to trim the trees, but apparently not enough to satisfy Ellison.

So he bought his immediate neighbour home once belong to socialite Dodie Rosekrans for whooping RM120 million.

Updated: Oracle billionaire CEO Larry Ellison denied news report of him buying the house next door to his San Francisco home according to Curbed SF.